Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Update to a Small Update

Happy news, my order has been shipped and is showing an estimated delivery date of Monday the 12th. Can't wait to get my grubby little paws on it. In the meantime I have started work on painting my Gwaihir model. It's the old metal one that I got with my Escape from Orthanc set several years ago. Not much to show yet, last night I painted the top half of the model Scorched Brown over the black basecoat. Hopefully tonight should get the rest of model painted with Scorched Brown, and will then start the next step. At the moment I'm following the painting guide posted here as I like the look of their eagle, and I wasn't sure what colors I should use.
In other news, we have settled on 800 points for our next battle and have so far narrowed it down to the weekend of the 17th. Still leaning toward a dwarven army, especially if I can get my Thror, Grimmhammers and Warriors of Erebor painted up in time. If not, I may go with something else, but we shall see. I hear rumors of a lot of poison being prepared by the other side, which sounds rather ominous...

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