Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Dwarves March to War

Here is my prospective list for the upcoming 800 point Lords of Battle scenario we have scheduled for this weekend:

Thror, Last King Under the Mountain
6x Grim Hammers
6x Warriors of Erebor /w Spears & Shields

Warin (Dwarf Captain) /w Shield & Throwing Axes
4x Iron Guard
4x Dwarf Warriors /w Shields
3x Dwarf Warriors /w Dwarf Bows
1x Dwarf Warrior /w Banner

Olvar (Shieldbearer)
4x Khazad Guard
4x Dwarf Warriors /w Shields
4x Dwarf Warriors /w Dwarf Bows

Gwaihir, Lord of the Eagles

I've got some work to do, as none of my Grim Hammers or Warriors of Erebor are painted yet. In addition I need to also paint my banner dwarf, shieldbearer and captain (if I choose to use my new, shield bearing captain, instead of Drali).

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