Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rohirim WiP

Finished most of the leather and cloth bits last night, Vermin Brown on the helmets and some pieces of leather armor, Scorched Brown on some of the outer shirts/tunics and Dark Flesh on the under clothes. Probably work on the metal pieces (armor, weapons, etc.) this evening, and maybe the shields as well. Maybe the cloaks too, as I think those should go relatively quickly. Have not quite decided how I want to paint them yet. Mainly trying to decide between a basecoat of Dark Angels Green or Snot Green. All depends on how quickly the kids go to sleep, and how many times the older one gets out of bed ;)
I've noticed that for some reason I tend to enjoy painting "good" models a bit more than "evil" models. Not entirely sure why, just something I have noticed.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Battle Report: 29Dec12

Here is another backlogged battle report I am posting. Hope you enjoy :)

Cirith Ungol & Knight of Umbar vs Lothlorien & Fangorn

Scenario: Grand Siege


Galadhrim Captain
Galadhrim Warrior /w Banner
13 Galadhrim Warriors /w Bow
10 Galadhrim Warriors /w Elf Blade & Shield
10 Galadhrim Warriors /w Spear
5 Guards of the Galadhrim Court
1 Ent (Disguised as a Mordor Troll Chieftain)


The Knight of Umbar with Armoured Fell Beast
24 Orc Warriors /w Shield
12 Orc Warriors /w Two-handed weapon
12 Orc Warriors /w Spear
12 Mordor Uruk-hai /w Two-handed weapon
Mordor War Catapult /w Troll & 3 crew
Mordor Siege Bow /w 2 crew

Turn 1:
Priority - Good
Catapult hits wall, no damage

Turn 2:
Priority - Evil
Galadriel Commands the banner bearer to move toward the catapult
Catapult hits wall and deals 2 batter points
Turn 3:
Priority - Good
Galadriel Commands the Troll loader to move away from the catapult
The Ent opens the gate
Siege bow shoots an archer who is killed and flung backward off the wall

Turn 4:
Priority - Evil
Galadriel fails to cast command
Siege bow shoots a second archer, who survives the shot but is killed after being flung backward off the wall
Three orcs hauling the siege ladders are slain by arrows

Turn 5:
Priority - Good
Galadriel again fails to cast command
Two more orcs carrying the siege ladders are slain by arrows along with an Uruk.
The catapult deals two more batter points of damage to the wall

Turn 6:
Priority - Good
Galadriel fails to cast Immobolize
The Ent throws a rock and hits, but fails to kill one of the orcs carrying the battering ram.
A second orc at the ram is not as fortunate and is slain by an archer

Turn 7:
Priority - Good
The ent slams the gate closed
Galadriel successfully Immobilizes an uruk carrying the far right siege ladder, halting it
Two orcs carrying the ram are slain by archers
Two more batter points are inflicted against the wall, leaving six remaining

Turn 8:
Priority - Good
Galadriel Immobilizes an orc at the ram, bringing it to a stop
Three ladders reach the wall and are raised
An Uruk at one of the ladders is slain by an archer
Shagrat is struck and killed by an errant siege bow bolt after failing his fate save

Turn 9:
Priority - Evil
The Elf Captain calls a heroic move, allowing him to push down one of the ladders
Leaving four batter points left, the wall is struck by a catapult boulder
Elves manage to push down a ladder on the left, causing an orc to fall and die
An archer shoots and kills an orc
An Uruk standing atop a ladder loses a fight and plummets to his death

Turn 10:
Priority - Good
The damaged section of wall collapses, carrying four elves to the ground with it, three of whom are killed
A ladder is knocked down
The Knight of Umbar resists an Immobilize from Galadriel
The battering ram scores two points against the gate, leaving one remaining

Turn 11:
Priority - Good
The Knight of Umbar again resists an immobilize attempt by Galadriel
The Fell Beast suffers a wound from an elvish arrow
A Mordor Uruk loses a fight and is killed, falling from atop his ladder but failing to knock any of his comrades down with him
An Uruk is squashed by the enraged ent
The gate bursts asunder as the battering ram smashes its way through.

Turn 12:
Priority - Evil

Another resist by the Knight of Umbar to an immobilize attempt
A ladder on the right falls, carrying one uruk and two orcs to their doom
A spear carrying orc is shot down by an archer
A second orc is smashed by the ent
An orc on one of the ladder is slain by an elf, who in falling from the ladder takes a second orc with him who also dies
Two orcs charging through the breached gate are slain by the elven defenders
The Knight of Umbar with his Fell Beast slays two elves

Turn 13:
Priority - Good
Another immobilize resist by the Knight of Umbar
Two spear orcs are slain by arrows, along with an uruk
An elf is killed by the Knight and his beast
An uruk loses a fight to an elf, falls and knocks a second orc of the ladder, but both survive
Another orc is stomped by the ent
An Uruk and an orc are killed by elves

Turn 14:
Priority - Evil
Galadriel succeeds in immobilizing the Knight who fails his resist roll
An shield orc, two-hander orc and the Drummer are slain by arrows
An orc falls from a ladder and is killed
A two-hander orc is swarmed by four elves and turned into a pin-cushion
A two-hander orc slays an elven archer
The ent kills yet another orc
An orc warrior manages to kill an elf
In a display of combat prowess not yet seen by evil this match, Gorbag manages to overcome a horde of elvish warriors, slaying three of them
An orc on a ladder is slain

Turn 15:
Priority - Evil
Now broken, the evil army begins to desert en masse. 13 orcs, including Gorbag, evidently satisfied with last turns killing, turn tail and run.
With only a small handful of warriors left on the battlefield and nowhere even close to the victory conditions, the remains of the evil army calls off the assault, for a decisive Good victory.

5 Galadhrim Warriors /w Elf Bows
5 Galadhrim Warriors /w Elf Blades & Shields
3 Galadhrim Warriors /w Spears
Total: 13
14 Orc Warriors /w Shield
6 Orc Warriors /w Two-handed weapon
7 Orc Warriors /w Spears
11 Mordor Uruk-hai

Total: 40

5 Orc Warriors /w Shield
2 Orc Warriors /w Two-handed weapon
3 Orc Warriors /w Spear
3 Catapult crew

Monday, February 27, 2012

Haradrim More or Less Done. Moving On...

Well, got the Haradrim done to a point where I am satisfied, if not happy, with them.

Not the best picture, but it will have to do I guess. Now on to something else. I've settled on eight Warriors of Rohan with hand weapons. As with the Haradrim, these will be the first in their respective faction to get painted. With the size of my backlog, it will be nice to have at least some of them painted. Got most of the skin painted tonight, and have started on some of the leather armor.

Haradrim WiP

The Haradrim are almost (moreso than before anyway) done. Just a few final touches and they should be good to go (at least as far as I'm concerned). Two of the models have some sort of fringe/collar that I'm not sure what color I should make them (thinking of some sort of tan/yellow, maybe snakebite leather). The rest is mostly spots I missed earlier, or a couple minor things.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Battle Report: 12Nov11

Here is a Battle Report I had written back in November after a game. Putting it up here so others can see it if they wish. Hope you enjoy :)

Minas Morgul  vs The Kingdom of Arnor and Minas Tirith
Scenario: Domination

Arvedui, Last King of Arnor
Malbeth the Seer
Adunfaroth (Dunedan /w Spear)
Arthelion (Dunedan /w Spear)
 1x Warrior of Arnor /w Banner
24x Warriors of Arnor
4x Rangers of Arnor /w Spear
8x Hobbit Archers
Earnur, Prince of Gondor (King of Men /w horse, heavy armour, shield and lance)
5x Knights of Minas TIrith /w shield
648pts, 48 models, 8 might

Gothmog /w shield
Grishnakh /w shield
Dolguzagar (Black Numenorean Marshal /w armoured horse)
1x Orc Warrior /w Banner
20x Orc Warriors /w shields
10x Orc Warriors /w spears
7x Orc Warriors /w bows
3x Spectres
4x Black Numenorean Warriors
1x Morgul Knight
2x Morgul Stalkers
648pts, 51 models, 8 might

Pre-Battle Thoughts:
I am hoping to redeem myself after the last, fairly disastrous battle. On the initial glance Domination seems to be a fairly straight forward slugfest. The question I am thinking of now, is how to employ my army. Do I keep them mostly all in one group and try to destroy the evil army in the field, or split my force into smaller groups and try to take all the objectives at once. I think it is going to be determined by what my opponent does.

Battle Report
Turn 1 – Priority Evil
Movement, evil claims objective 1

Turn 2 – Priority Evil
Movement, evil claims objective 2

Turn 3 – Priority Good

Turn 4 – Priority Evil
One orc warrior slain by a Ranger’s arrow.
Turn 5 – Priority Good (had been a tie)
One orc warrior slain by a Ranger’s arrow

Turn 6 – Priority Evil
A knight of Minas Tirith is lured in by the fell light of a Spectre, and is immediately swarmed and slain by Black Numenorean Warriors. Earnur is struck by an orc arrow, but fate saves him the wound. An orc warrior charged by several Warriors of Arnor is driven back, but not killed.

Turn 7 – Priority Evil
Earnur calls a Heroic Move, and leads his remaining knights in a charge past the Black Numenoreans and into the line of orc archers. A Warrior of Arnor shrugs off the beguiling gaze of a Spectre and returns to duty. One of the Knights is lured away by a Spectre and is attacked by orcs, but pulls through, slaying one of them.  A second knight is slain by the Dolgulzagar while Earnur slays Grishnakh, a Stalker and an orc archer. Meanwhile two Warriors of Arnor are killed by orcs.

Turn 8 – Priority Good
Three orcs are killed along with a Warrior of Arnor. In the cavalry battle, Dolgulzagar and several comrades pull down a Knight of Minas Tirith while Gothmog kills a second Knight. In turn, Earnur slays the Morgul Knight and four orcs in a dazzling display of combat prowess.

Turn 9 – Priority Good
Gothmog initiates a Heroic Move, charging Earnur, and in the ensuing fight manages to kill him with the help of Dolgulzagar. Finally the last remaining Knight is killed by a Black Numenorean Warrior. Elsewhere, one of the Spectres is slain by a Warrior of Arnor, and Arthelion and three other Warriors of Arnor and Arvedui each kill an orc. Adunfaroth is killed by an orc while one of the Hobbit Archers is struck and killed by a black feathered orc arrow.

Turn 10 – Priority Good
Five Warriors of Arnor surround and completely destroy an orc while three other warriors and Arvedui also each kill an orc.

Turn 11 – Priority Good
Two orcs are slain, one by a Warrior of Arnor and one by King Arvedui while the remaining Stalker is slain by a Warrior of Arnor. The evil army has now been Broken. Feeling left out, Dolgulzagar charges and kills a lone Warrior of Arnor.

Turn 12 – Priority Evil
Three orcs turn tail and run, while Arvedui and two warriors of Arnor each kill an orc. Dolgulzagar, emboldened by his success continues his charge and cuts down a second warrior of Arnor and a Hobbit Archer.

Turn 13
A 1 is rolled, and the game is over!
Final Casualty figures:
Good                                                                     Evil
1x King of Men                                              Grishnakh
5x Knights of Minas Tirith                             2x Morgul Stalkers
5x Warriors of Arnor                                      5x Orc Warriors /w Spears
1x Dunadan                                                    19x Orc Warriors /w Shields
2x Hobbit Archers                                          4x Orc Archers
                                                                        1x Spectre

Post Battle Thoughts:
I definitely feel the dice were on my side on this one. There were a few situations where it really seems some of my troops pulled off some amazing feats. The Knight who was lured into a battle by a Spectre but yet managed to somehow not only win the fight, but also kill one of his attackers. Also Earnur would have to be my pick for VIP of the match. Though Gondor would be deprived of its King a little earlier than originally thought, Earnur and his Knights made an absolute mess out of the enemy, occupying a good portion of the evil army which allowed Arvedui and his warriors to stand against a largely unsupported orc assault in the center. Archery really did not factor much into the battle, the only casualties were the two orcs killed early on by rangers, and the Hobbit Archer who somehow wandered into the path of an orc arrow. The hobbits got plenty of hits, but apparently had switched over to rubber arrows as they failed to cause any damage.