Sunday, July 30, 2017

Army Lists for Upcoming Battle

Here are the army lists for our coming battle. The point limit was set at 1200.

Legolas /w Horse
6 Wood elf Warriors /w Wood Elf Spear
4 Wood elf Warriors /w Elf Bow
2 Wood elf Warriors

Tauriel /w Elf Bow
10 Mirkwood Rangers

Haldir /w Armor, Elf Bow
4 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield, Spear
6 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield
2 Galadhrim Warriors / Elf Bow

Galadhrim Captain /w Elf Bow
4 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield, Spear
2 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield
6 Galadhrim Knights

Rivendell Knight Captain /w Shield
5 Rivendell Knights /w Shield


Mordor Troll Chieftain
4 Venom-Back Spiders
4 Spectres
2 Mordor Trolls

Black Numenorean Marshal /w Armored Horse, Shield, Lance
11 Morgul Knights
1 Morgul Knight /w Banner

Mordor Orc Taskmaster
12 Mordor Uruk-hai /w Shield

Orc Drummer
5 Orc Warriors /w Shield, Spear
1 Orc Warrior /w Banner
6 Morgul Stalkers

Monday, July 24, 2017

New Painting Project

Started work on my Rivendell Knights (five knights and one as a Captain) this past weekend. Hoping to have them done in time for our upcoming battle, though its been slow going so far. If I am able to get them done with enough time to spare, will try to get some pictures posted. I'm never particularly confident painting horses, so we will have to see how they come out...

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New Battle in the Works

So we have are planning a new miniature battle, currently looking at the 30th and running a 1200pt Reconnoitre scenario. I will have the Good army this time around, and hopefully can make up for the fairly disastrous result the last time we played this scenario. I have a hard time deciding on the type of army to use for this one, do you try to go all cavalry and just rush across, do you try to block the other team, a mix, go for maximum spam and rely on numbers? Not sure... Anyway, should be fun. I'll have to try to actually get some minis painted again.