Friday, July 20, 2018

Battle Companies: Hold Ground - The Last Alliance vs Mirkwood Denizens

The first of three battles we held on Sunday. It was a good day for battles, but a poor day for my battle company ;)

Scenario: Hold Ground

The armies of Gil-Galad and Elendil have only recently arrived at Imladris to begin their preparations for war with Sauron. Desiring to gain knowledge of the enemies movements and own preparations, the Heralds of the West are dispatched into the wild under the command of their Lieutenant, Durandir. Somewhere south of Imladris in the now deserted land of Eregion, the heralds take position atop a small hill as the baying of wolf voices fill the air. In truth, a rival company from the darkest depths of the Greenwood Forest has been tracking them for several days and now moves in for their first confrontation.

The Heralds of the West are assigned the role of the defenders, and deploy on the hill. They spread out, with Cumeren occupying the top with the best field of fire.

The Denizens deploy in a rough semicircle to the east, the spiders chittering and the wargs howling in anticipation.

Here is the overall board following deployment.

Turn 1 - Good

Taking priority, the elves and men re-arrange themselves slightly on the hill to face the beasts.

Without delay, the beasts charge. Wargs 1 & 2 engage Isilmacar on the closest slope, and spider 2 skitters through the gap to attack Cumeren on the summit. Warg 3 attacks Alaglang at the southern end of the hill, and spider 1 makes an end run around behind to attack Naethlang from the rear.

In the fight phase, warg 3 defeats Alaglang but the man dodges just in time. Isilmacar loses to the pair of wargs facing him, and is forced to expend a Fate point to avoid a wound. At the center of the hill, Cumeren defeats spider 2, and the arachnid is forced to expend his own Fate point to avoid a Wound. At the southern edge of the hill, Naethlang is not so lucky, and falls to spider 1.

Turn 2 - Evil

The turn begins with the Evil company taking priority. With the numbers now evened and wasting no time, they throw themselves at the men and elves with renewed ferocity. The spiders charge Durandir and Cumeren, but the two elves manage to avoid their sticky web shots.

Alaglang drives back the warg that had attacked him, but is unable to draw a wound. Isilmacar loses his duel with a warg, but the creatures teeth are unable to pierce his armor. Limthol, also, is defeated but manages to avoid harm. Durandir fights off spider 2, but his blade glances off the creatures exoskeleton. Cumeren's luck runs out, and spider 1 chitters in satisfaction.

Turn 3 - Evil

The denizens of Mirkwood retain priority this turn, and continue to press their attack. Spider 1 charges Limthol, and to the mans horror, he falls entagled in a web. Isilmacar and Alaglang are again assailed by wargs, while Durandir is sorely pressed by spider 2 and a warg.

Spider 1 takes full advantage of the situation, and Limthol falls still. Alaglang is defeated, but unharmed, and Isilmacar defeats his opponent but fails to wound him. Durandir spends his Might point to defeat spider 2 and the warg, but is unable to follow it up with a wound. At the conclusion of the turn, the Godd company is now Broken.

Turn 4 - Good

Priority returns to the Heralds this turn, though there fortunes appear bleak. Spider 2 declares a Heroic Move, but fails his attempt to web Durandir. Spider 1 and a warg charge Isilmacar and a single warg engages Alaglang.

Alaglang manages to slay his opponent, but Isilmacar falls to spider 1 and warg. Durandir drives his attackers back, but inflicts no wounds.

Turn 5 - Evil

Priority flips back to evil this turn, and sadly both Durandir and Alaglang succumb to spider webs and are brought down.

Clear victory for the Denizens of Mirkwood, and now for the after battle checks.

Injuries -
All the slain participants receive Full Recovery rolls, with the exception of Isilmacar, who must sit out the next game.

XP -
Durandir - 1                                  Spider 1 - 4
Isilmacar - 1                                 Spider 2 - 3
Naethlang - 1                                Warg 1 - 5
Cumeren - 2                                  Warg 2 - 2
Alaglang - 2                                  Warg 3 - 1
Limthol - 1

Influence -
Good - 2
Evil - 4

Advancement -
Warg 1 rolls, no effect

Evil purchases a reinforcement, rolls a Fell Warg

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Finished working on my roads this afternoon. Nothing spectacular, but they should serve. Added a border of filler along the edges, then laid down a bead of glue and stuck some gravel at the edge of the filler and the road bed. Painted it all brown. then tried to mix up a slightly lighter shade of brown to do highlights, but it isn't really apparent. Added a line of static grass to give it a slightly more defined border, and something other than just "brown". Hope you enjoy :)

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mirkwood Spiders *Now with pics!*

Good afternoon, I finished up my two Mirkwood Spiders this morning. No pics yet, but will hopefully update this post later this evening with some. Used the same paint scheme on the secnd spider as the first, though I changed the Camo Green detailing to Bestial Brown. Not sure I like it quite as much as the green, but at least it keeps it slightly different. Anyway, will update this post later with some pictures.

Pics now added, hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Mirkwood Spiders WiP

I got my spiders assembled Monday night, and managed to get only a couple of my fingers stuck to each other. Not as easy as putting the Giant Spiders together, but not as bad as I thought it might be after I initially saw all the various detached legs. Got them under coated yesterday, and added the Stirland Mud to the bases. One of the spiders is mostly done, I added some Camo Green detailing on its back, and painted the eyes Tin Bitz, and used Adeptus Battle Grey for highlights on most of the rest of the model.
I'll hopefully add the highlights this evening, and try to finish the other spider

Saturday, July 7, 2018

First Battle for Battle Companies Scheduled

We've got a date for our next battle, July 15th, and it will be our first run at the Battle Companies system. Looking forward to it. Looks like my Last Alliance company will be going up against a Denizens of Mirkwood company, so that should be fun. Will probably use my Wild Wargs to proxy for Fell Wargs, but I'm hoping to have my new Mirkwood Spiders assembled and painted by then.

Also as a new project, I've been thinking of trying to make some roads terrain that we could use for a while now. Depending on how things go, maybe I can get them done too. I'll probably use the same general method that I used to make some rivers a few years ago. Just cut out some roads from some spare flexible stick on floor tiles and paint them brown. Nothing fancy, but should get the idea across.

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Last Alliance Battle Company

I finished painting my starting The Last Alliance battle company, just have to add the static grass to the bases. For now, I'm just using basic plastic troops. I may try some conversions later, depending on how things go.To start with, here are the High Elves:

Cumeren, High Elf Warrior with Elven Bow

Naethlang (Sergeant) High Elf Warrior with Elven Blade

Durandir (Lieutenant) High Elf Warrior with Elven Blade 

And the trio. Paint scheme is fairly standard for my High Elves, Burnished Gold on the armor, Chainmail on the, well, chainmail. Elf Flesh on the skin, Bestial Brown on the leather of the gloves and boots. Ice Blue on the sashes, with Space Wolves Grey highlights. The cloaks are Regal Blue with Mordian Blue highlights, and the skirts (for lack of a better term) are Mordian Blue with Enchanted Blue highlights. The blade hafts and arrow shafts are Scorched Brown, and the arrow fletchings are Space Wolves Grey. The bases are Stirland Mud with Snakebite Leather highlights. What is a little different from my previous High Elves, is applying a Nuln Oil wash to the model.

On to the Numenoreans:

Alaglang, Warrior of Numenor with Shield

Limthol, Warrior of Numenor with Shield

Isilmacar (Sergeant), Warrior of Numenor with Shield

Again, a fairly standard paint scheme. Elf Flesh on the skin, Scorched Brown on the boots, gloves and belts. Chaos Black on the tabbards, with Codex Grey trim. Mithril Silver belt buckles and clasps for the cloaks. Chainmail on the chainmail and sword blades., Boltgun Metal on the helmets, leg and arm armor, with Burnished Gold trim on the helmets. Chainmail on the shield rims, crown and white tree emblems, with Burnished Gold on the seven stones. Bleached Bone on the undershirts. The cloaks are Charadon Granite, with Adeptus Battle Grey highlights. Again, the model received a Nuln Oil wash.

And here is the team. Clearly destined for great things ;) Hope you enjoy.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Mirkwood Rangers Completed

Good morning, here are the completed Mirkwood Rangers. Good to have them done. Some faces ended up a little strange, but I say it gives them character ;)

To me, this guy looks like he has just come home from a long day of rangering to find a giant spider in his living room or something.

This ranger looks vaguely dismayed, as if she is trying to shoot down an enormous mosquito...