Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wood Elf Sentinels Finished

Here are my Sentinels. I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but hope you enjoy :)

Wood Elf Sentinels WiP2

Well, my sentinels are almost done now, will hopefully get some pictures up perhaps tomorrow. I have altered the colors that I painted my previous wood-elves (same basic colors, just switched around what they were painted on) but kept the colors on these guys consistent. I figure as a smaller, more elite group, their might be more standardization regarding their equipment. Or maybe not.
In any case, painted the cloaks Catachan Green, outer shirts Scorched Brown, under shirts Shadow Grey, boots Snakebite Leather and bracers Vermin Brown. Painted the hair Komando Khaki with Golden Yellow highlights. I think they are looking pretty decent so far.

On another note, we managed to get in another battle over the weekend, Angmar vs Dwarves in Hold the High Ground. I'm working on the battle report and hope to have it posted in the next few days.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wood Elf Sentinels

Started working on my three Wood Elf Sentinels the other day. We are thinking of playing through the scenarios of the Fall of the Necromancer campaign, since the Hobbit is due out soon. So, I'm going through and trying to get as many of the models it lists in the scenario guidelines painted as I can. A good portion of them are already done, but there are enough to do to keep me busy for a little while.
Painted the elves faces and hands Elf Flesh (surprise), and painted their outer shirt/tunic Scorched Brown. The bit of scale/chain armor that shows I painted Leadbelcher. Something I thought was a little odd, for apparently wearing at least some armor, they don't have any more defence than a stock wood-elf. Will hopefully get a little more done tonight.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bat Swarms

Painted my two bat swarms yesterday and today. Not a whole lot into them, and probably not the best I could do, but I'm happy with them. Codex Grey highlights on the wings, Graveyard Earth on the faces, Skull White teeth and Blood Red eyes. Here's a couple of pics, hope you enjoy :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Gulavhar Finished

I forgot to post an update of my progress last night, but tonight I can post pics of the finished (largely) product. There's a few more things I may do if I feel ambitious, but most of the work is done. I painted the body in the same style as the wings, but left out the Space Wolves Grey and stopped at Fortress Grey. I painted the horns and claws Tin Bitz. I had thought about washing them with Badab Black, as I didn't want them to "glisten" quite so much, but decided not to because I did not want them to get too dark. Painted the teeth Bleached Bone, and the tongue and lips Blood Red. Painted the eyes Golden Yellow. All in all I think it turned out ok. I will say that it went much better than i had initially feared. He didn't fall apart, and I think I painted him rather well. It's a pity he's languished so long with just his basecoat. Perhaps this is a lesson I can apply to my Balrog... Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Gulavhar WiP 2

Got to spend a little more time on Gulavhar last night, painted the wings Adeptus Battle Grey and then dry brushed the stretched skin parts of the wings Fortress Grey. Over that, I added a light dry brush of Space Wolves Grey. I am liking the effect so far. I painted the underside of the wings the same way, just need to add the Space Wolves Grey to the underside and then the wings will be largely done. Planning to do the body in a similar scheme, though not as pronounced on the grey. The wings really don't show much of any of the black undercoat, I would like for more of it to show through on the body. We will see however.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gulavhar WiP 1

Going to try to get back to somewhat more regular postings about what I am working on, not just the finished product. We shall see how long it lasts ;)
I finally started working on my Gulavhar model (it has been assembled and base coated for almost two years). Still slightly paranoid that he's going to fall apart. Somewhat concerned about his wings. THey were a pain to get attached. I pinned them, but not sure how stable it will really be. Didn't do a lot last night, just blacked in some spots that didn't get covered by the primer, but I did paint the base with Stirland Mud. First time trying the new texture paints. Never really did any basing before, so who knows if I'm doing it right. Thought it would be a little more "pebbly" if that is the right term, but maybe not. Painted with the mud, then did an overbrush with Bestial Brown. May try adding some static grass, but we shall see.

Legolas, Defender of Rohan

Here are a couple of pictures of my recently painted Legolas, Defender of Rohan model. I apologize for the poor pictures, but I think he turned out rather well. Enjoy :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Black Numenorean Banner Bearer

Here are a couple of pics of my new Black Numenorean Banner Bearer that I converted from a Black Numenorean Warrior. I cut the shield of his left arm and tried to smooth out the back of the arm a bit and texture it slightly with Green Stuff. Not in the picture, but it didn't really turn out that great. I cut the sword off at the hilt from his right hand, and cut off the pommel of the sword and glued it to his left hand. I sawed his right hand almost off, and then bent it outward to be able to hold the banner straight up and down (mostly). I filled in the gap in his wrist with Green Stuff. I used the banner that was left over from a box of Morgul Knights and glued that in place. For painting, I used my standard Black Numenorean paint scheme: black primer, Boltgun Metal on the armor and sword with a Devlan Mud wash and Bleached Bone for the exposed skin. For the banner, Blood Red on the pennants, bleached bone with a Thraka Green wash on the emblems (not sure if it's what I had in mind, but wanted to try it), Chainmail on the moon/sickle at the top and Scorched Brown for the staff. I did add a light highlight/drybrush of Adeptus Battle Grey to the black areas to hopefully add a little more definition.
Anyway, hope you enjoy :)