Friday, November 16, 2012

Gulavhar Finished

I forgot to post an update of my progress last night, but tonight I can post pics of the finished (largely) product. There's a few more things I may do if I feel ambitious, but most of the work is done. I painted the body in the same style as the wings, but left out the Space Wolves Grey and stopped at Fortress Grey. I painted the horns and claws Tin Bitz. I had thought about washing them with Badab Black, as I didn't want them to "glisten" quite so much, but decided not to because I did not want them to get too dark. Painted the teeth Bleached Bone, and the tongue and lips Blood Red. Painted the eyes Golden Yellow. All in all I think it turned out ok. I will say that it went much better than i had initially feared. He didn't fall apart, and I think I painted him rather well. It's a pity he's languished so long with just his basecoat. Perhaps this is a lesson I can apply to my Balrog... Anyway, hope you enjoy :)

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