Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Black Numenorean Banner Bearer

Here are a couple of pics of my new Black Numenorean Banner Bearer that I converted from a Black Numenorean Warrior. I cut the shield of his left arm and tried to smooth out the back of the arm a bit and texture it slightly with Green Stuff. Not in the picture, but it didn't really turn out that great. I cut the sword off at the hilt from his right hand, and cut off the pommel of the sword and glued it to his left hand. I sawed his right hand almost off, and then bent it outward to be able to hold the banner straight up and down (mostly). I filled in the gap in his wrist with Green Stuff. I used the banner that was left over from a box of Morgul Knights and glued that in place. For painting, I used my standard Black Numenorean paint scheme: black primer, Boltgun Metal on the armor and sword with a Devlan Mud wash and Bleached Bone for the exposed skin. For the banner, Blood Red on the pennants, bleached bone with a Thraka Green wash on the emblems (not sure if it's what I had in mind, but wanted to try it), Chainmail on the moon/sickle at the top and Scorched Brown for the staff. I did add a light highlight/drybrush of Adeptus Battle Grey to the black areas to hopefully add a little more definition.
Anyway, hope you enjoy :)


  1. Nice work Ben, a really nice conversion. Its somethi I have thought about doing myself but as yet haven't had the guts to saw the shield off. Is it Finecast or metal?

    The green wash on the banner design really adds something to the model. Well done.


  2. Thanks for the comments, much appreciated :)
    It is a metal model, picked it up on ebay. Didn't really want to buy a whole box for one experiment ;)