Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Gulavhar WiP 1

Going to try to get back to somewhat more regular postings about what I am working on, not just the finished product. We shall see how long it lasts ;)
I finally started working on my Gulavhar model (it has been assembled and base coated for almost two years). Still slightly paranoid that he's going to fall apart. Somewhat concerned about his wings. THey were a pain to get attached. I pinned them, but not sure how stable it will really be. Didn't do a lot last night, just blacked in some spots that didn't get covered by the primer, but I did paint the base with Stirland Mud. First time trying the new texture paints. Never really did any basing before, so who knows if I'm doing it right. Thought it would be a little more "pebbly" if that is the right term, but maybe not. Painted with the mud, then did an overbrush with Bestial Brown. May try adding some static grass, but we shall see.

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