Sunday, July 30, 2017

Army Lists for Upcoming Battle

Here are the army lists for our coming battle. The point limit was set at 1200.

Legolas /w Horse
6 Wood elf Warriors /w Wood Elf Spear
4 Wood elf Warriors /w Elf Bow
2 Wood elf Warriors

Tauriel /w Elf Bow
10 Mirkwood Rangers

Haldir /w Armor, Elf Bow
4 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield, Spear
6 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield
2 Galadhrim Warriors / Elf Bow

Galadhrim Captain /w Elf Bow
4 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield, Spear
2 Galadhrim Warriors /w Shield
6 Galadhrim Knights

Rivendell Knight Captain /w Shield
5 Rivendell Knights /w Shield


Mordor Troll Chieftain
4 Venom-Back Spiders
4 Spectres
2 Mordor Trolls

Black Numenorean Marshal /w Armored Horse, Shield, Lance
11 Morgul Knights
1 Morgul Knight /w Banner

Mordor Orc Taskmaster
12 Mordor Uruk-hai /w Shield

Orc Drummer
5 Orc Warriors /w Shield, Spear
1 Orc Warrior /w Banner
6 Morgul Stalkers

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