Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rohirim WiP

Finished most of the leather and cloth bits last night, Vermin Brown on the helmets and some pieces of leather armor, Scorched Brown on some of the outer shirts/tunics and Dark Flesh on the under clothes. Probably work on the metal pieces (armor, weapons, etc.) this evening, and maybe the shields as well. Maybe the cloaks too, as I think those should go relatively quickly. Have not quite decided how I want to paint them yet. Mainly trying to decide between a basecoat of Dark Angels Green or Snot Green. All depends on how quickly the kids go to sleep, and how many times the older one gets out of bed ;)
I've noticed that for some reason I tend to enjoy painting "good" models a bit more than "evil" models. Not entirely sure why, just something I have noticed.

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