Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Something is Amiss...

Thror, King Under the Mountain is troubled. Contact has been lost with a small dwarven mining outpost to the south. A scheduled caravan carrying gold and iron ore did not arrive on time, and an emissary dispatched to investigate has also not returned. Fearing the worst, Thror has raised a small army and is traveling to investigate the situation personally. Armed for battle but unsure of what awaits them, the dwarves are prepared to fight for their property, but will they be prepared for what they find?

 View from North to South
 View from South to North
 Small pond near a cliff surrounded by statues
 Entrance to the mine
 Dwarven ruins
More ruins

Evil Army
The Betrayer with Armoured Horse
x5 Haradrim Warriors with Bows
x5 Watchers of Karna with Bows
x2 Half-Trolls of Far Harad with Two-handed Weapons

Suladan the Serpent Lord with Bow
x7 Serpent Guard
x5 Serpent Riders

x12 Haradrim Warriors with Spears

Corsair Bo'sun
x12 Corsairs of Umbar with Shields

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