Monday, May 12, 2014


I finished work on my Gwaihir model towards the end of last week, just had not gotten around to putting up any pictures. I think he turned out alright, and really was not bad to paint.

Unfortunately I don't remember exactly the painting process I used (teach me to wait days after to post), but here is the basic process at least. Over the black basecoat, I painted almost the entire model Scorched Brown. On the first "layer" of feathers on the wings, I added a Bestial Brown highlight, and added a lighter Bestial Brown highlight on the second layer. The third layer received highlights of Shadow Grey. Khemri Brown was used to highlight the first layer of the wings, while Graveyard Earth was used on the middle layer, as well as the body. The leading edges of the wings were highlighted Vomit Brown, and the head was painted with the same color. The legs were painted Vermin Brown with a Blazing Orange highlight. The talons are painted Tin Bitz. The eyes are Golden Yellow, with a Scorched Brown pupil. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, and it beats just the black basecoat, so I'd say it is an improvement :) Hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading.