Monday, May 5, 2014

Small Update

Not much of an update today, and no new painting projects to report, but with a tentative date for our next battle, and the scenario identified (Lords of Battle) that should hopefully start to change soon. Some details have yet to be hammered out (point totals, army lists, and so on) but it is looking promising. I will be commanding the Good army this time around, and am leaning toward a dwarf list, though that isn't set in stone yet. However, to that end, after saving and earning some extra money I placed an order with GW last week. The core of the order was for Thror, and a box each of Grimhammers and Warriors of Erebor. The models for the Grimhammers are possibly my favorite so far from the Hobbit range and I have wanted to get some for a while now. The Warriors of Erebor are less so for a few reasons, but I do still like them. If they are supposed to represent part of the standing army of Erebor at its height, they seem a bit of a mish-mash with their mix of armor and lack of a consistent "uniform" so to speak. I seem to recall someone on The One Ring speculated that they were representing dwarf warriors after the loss of Erebor which would make sense, but ah well.
The rest of the order was filling in some gaps in my collection, or rounding out some numbers before some of the models disappear completely (Watchers of Karna, Rohan Captain foot and mounted, etc). I wanted to order a Mumak Mahud, but he is of course temporarily out of stock. Now if only my order would show as "shipped" instead of "pending" for the last few days, that would be great.
Enough rambling for now, I suppose. Hopefully I'll have a new painting project to show off soon, but until then, thanks for reading and have a good day.


  1. I concur its sad to see figures being discontinued before I get a chance to collect them...

    1. Especially when you don't realize that a model has gone OOP, and you decide you want to order some, and they are flat out missing, as if they had never existed at all... Not sure if I'll ever get any Serpent Guard now, at least not without selling a kidney or something.