Monday, May 12, 2014

Order Evaluation and Progress

So my package finally arrived toward the end of the day Friday, and I could barely wait to get home with it. I had mentioned previously that I was slightly nervous about what I would find regarding some of the resin models. The resins I received were Thror, and the Dwarf Commanders box set. I was most concerned about the commanders, as I have heard pretty positive reviews about the Hobbit range of resins. Much less so regarding the older LotR range. Once I got them home and had time to check everything over I must say I was pleased with what I saw. The dwarf commanders, aside from needing to be trimmed of all the flash, gates, etc were practically flawless. I only found one, very small pocket on the shieldbearer, and that was on the underside where it is never going to be seen. The others were good-to-go out of the box. Thror was in pretty good shape over-all as well. Some things I did notice though, the shield is very thin in parts, so much so that it was nearly see-through on one of the non-embossed panels. A little green stuff applied to the back of the shield and the basecoat took care of that nicely however. The only other issue I noticed is the sword. The blade is slightly curved backward. Not terribly, but noticeable. I'm guessing partly at least because being a sword blade, it is naturally a thin piece. It might be possible to straighten it out, but I'm not sure exactly how to do it, and I don't want to risk breaking it. The curve isn't bad enough to really detract much in my mind anyway. I started painting him, and am happy to say he is nearly finished. Hoping to have him done this evening, and can then post pictures when I have time. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy what you find here :)


  1. I believe you can straighten finecast resin by heating ( dunking model in hot water, or apply heat from a hair dryer), then adjust model as required and then cool in cold water.

    1. Sounds good, thanks for the tip. I thought something like that was involved but couldn't remember for sure. Will keep in mind for the next time though :)