Monday, July 30, 2018

Terrain Project: Hill Ruin part 1

Thought I would try making a piece of terrain using some 1" foam insulation board I got some time ago. Been thinking about it for a while, just finally decided to actually give it a shot. Over-all goal is to create a ruin on a small hill using one of my Ruins of Middle Earth sets. I cut out the general shape of the hill from the sheet using my hot wire cutter, and then ran it around again to bevel the top edge slightly. I laid out the ruins roughly how I wanted them to get an idea of the layout. I used a knife to cut out some steps leading from table top level up to the hill top. One set on each side for fairness. Using some of the scraps, I used the hot wire cutter to make some building stones and glued them in a pile to simulate a collapsed wall to fill in some open space between ruin sections.

I glued a Woodlands Scenics tree armature base to a spot on the hilltop (the armature isn't permanent, I just wanted to see roughly how it would fit) where there is more open space between where a wall section will go and the slope of the hill. One set of steps had a lot of pits and uneven spots, so I put on a small layer of filler to smooth it out somewhat. Not sure if I'll do it for the other set yet or not.

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