Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wood elf WiP

Started work on a batch of wood elves, six spears and six blades (already have ten bows painted). Trying to mix up the colors a bit like on my other wood elves, so I'm using three main colors for the clothing/cloaks: Shadow Grey, Catachan Green and Calthan Brown. Finished painting the skin and cloaks last night. The skin as usual isn't that great, but for plastics and warriors at that, I'm not that concerned. The plan is to alternate the three main colors (Catachan Green Cloak, Shadow Grey overshirt, Calthan Brown undershirt on one, for example) and switch up the order between models. Hopefully this will give a slightly more "individual" look while still keeping them identifiable as being in the same overall force. We shall see anyway.

Also starting to get things set up for our Christmas Mega Siege Battle(tm) ;)
Played one last year (29Dec12) and had a lot of fun, so hoping to repeat that this year. One major change from last time though, I've actually got a siege tower built (siege tower) and have the materiel to build a second, so that might make things slightly less one-sided in the defenders favor (though I am playing the defenders this time around...hmm...). One disapointment thing with the new Hobbit book (got mine Friday!) was no rules for siege towers and no rules for destroying walls/towers, but no reason we can't house rule those back in should we choose. Have not settled on an army yet, but am considering an Arnor army. Might be fun. We shall see...

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  1. A christmas seige sounds like fun! We might have to adopt that tradition as one of our players just finished building a fortress.

    Although for a siege game to work, you really need the defenders to be 75-80% of the attacking force. Otherwise the advantages that the defenders get (in-the-way for the wall, pushing down ladders, etc) generally resault in a rout of the attacking force (as shown in your prior batrep).