Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Peregrin, Captain of Gondor

Painted up my Pippin in Gondor armor recently. Went fairly quick, which was nice, I think he turned out fairly well :)

The skin is Dwarf Flesh, the pants are Regal Blue, and the cloak is Shadow Grey with a Thraka Green wash. The chainmail is, well, Chainmail, as is the sword blade. The sword hilt and pommel are Burniched Gold, and the helmet and bracers are Leadbelcher. The tunic is black primer with Adeptus Battlegrey highlights and the hem is Fortress Grey, and the belts are Charadon Granite. The belt buckle and cloak pin are Mithril Silver. The hair on the feet and the pouch are Scorched Brown.

Was fun painting him, and hope you enjoy :)


  1. Nice paint job. Are you going to detail the base?

  2. I may, I have not really done any basing yet, been focusing more on painting so far. That is something that I would like to come back and do however at some point.