Thursday, December 20, 2012

Warriors of Arnor WiP

Started working on some more Warriors of Arnor the other day. Painting up an additional nine, as that will let me field a completely painted Arnor army for our Christmas Mega Siege Battle (tm) now scheduled for Sunday (yay!). Painting six of the warriors in the standard green cloth, and have painted the other three Vermin Brown. The brown warriors are supposed to represent the last remnants of the Army of Rhudaur, now fighting with the forces of Arthedain. With the themes I have created, I have four divisions in my Arnor army, designated by the color schemes of their tunics, shields and turbans (not sure if that is technically what they are, but I'll go with it):

Guardians of Annuminas - Chaos Black cloth, shields and turbans with a line of Mithril Silver giving the impression of embroidery around the hem of the tunic. Supposed to be the Kings personal guard.
Soldiers of Arthedain - Dark Angels Green tunics and shields, Skull White turbans. Supposed to be the standard soldiery of Arnor.
Cardolan Levy - Red Gore tunics and shields, Catachan Green turbans. Supposed to be soldiers raised from the men of Cardolan.
Rhudaurin Refugees - Vermin Brown tunics and shields, Blood Red turbans. Descendants of the army of Rhudaur.

For other pictures of my Arnor army in action, you can view these battle reports: DominationLords of Battle

Anyway, so far have the faces painted (Elf Flesh), the tunics and shields painted (Dark Angels Green and Vermin Brown) with Mithril Silver on the shield emblems. Painted the chainmail Chainmail (surprise!) and the armor and helmets Leadbelcher. Started painting the gloves, shoes and belts Scorched Brown. Going to make an effort to finish them tonight, but we shall see. I have other things I want to try to get done prior to the siege. Of course, if certain ancient Mayans are correct, it really isn't going to matter anyway.

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