Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Rivers WiP

Put the first coat of paint on some of my river sections last night. Might have gone a little crazy with the sand, as I was wiping off quite a bit of excess, but I think the brown paint I used on the banks has done a decent job of cementing the remainder in place So long as it isn't abused at any rate. Painted the banks "Teddy Bear Brown" and the water "Liberty Blue". I think one coat will do the bank, but the water is going to need at least one more coat. So far I have two relatively straight river sections, and two straight "ford" sections. I glued some pebbles onto the bear tile on the ford sections to roughly mark out the location of the ford. If I feel adventurous I might try adding some lighter blue/white paint to try to indicate current/water flow around the rocks. Should be able to get the second coat on today sometime, and then hopefully be able to post some pictures.
The rivers are about 5" wide in total, with each bank probably taking up roughly 1/4", maybe a little more, so approx. 4" of water. A project for a later date will be to build a bridge.

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