Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Battle Preperations

Got the army list from my opponent for our next battle, scheduled for next week Friday. It's going to be an interesting battle I think. We are playing a scenario I designed, basically defense of a river crossing and some structures. The river is made up of the pieces I posted about previously, with a ford on the northern and southern edges of the battlefield. Except for the fords, which are considered difficult, the river counts as impassable unless a model can pass a swim test. Each ford is worth 10 points, and behind the river line will be a structure worth 15 points, and then a larger structure (I intend to use my Dreadstone Blight) that is worth 20 points. Essentially the player who controls the most points worth of objectives wins. The battle ends on the roll of a 1 or 2 on the turns followin an army being broken.
Here are the breakdowns of the armies. We settled on 1000pts for the attacker, and 750pts for the defender:

                     Mordor & Harad                         Rohan & Fellowship
Warband 1   Cave Drake                                  Theoden /w Heavy Armor & Shield
                                                                          6 Warriors of Rohan /w Shields
                                                                          6 Warriors of Rohan /w Shields & Throwing Spears
Warband 2   Gorbag /w Shield                         Eomer /w Horse, Bow & Shield
                    12 Mordor Uruk-hai /w Shields   6 Riders of Rohan
                                                                          6 Warriors of Rohan /w Shields
Warband 3   Mordor Orc Shaman                    Gamling
                    12 Orc Warriors /w Spears           4 Warriors of Rohan /w Shields
                                                                          4 Warriors of Rohan /w Shields & Throwing Spears
                                                                          4 Warriors of Rohan /w Bows
Warband 4   Orc Captain                                  Gandalf the White
                     2 Spectres
Warband 5   Orc Captain
                     11 Orc Warriors
Warband 6   Haradrim Chieftain /w Bow
                    12 Haradrim Warriors /w Bows
Warband 7   Hasharin
                    12 Serpent Riders

The Cave Drake especially has me worried. Defense 7 and 6 wounds seems liek it can absorb a lot of damage, and I'll have to check the rules to see if it can still charge through difficult terrain. I am thinking the best course of action is going to be to focus missile fire on it to try and wittle down some wounds and then attack with as many warriors and heroes as possible. Either way, not really looking forward to fighting it. I figure Gandalf might be a bit of a gamble because of his high points cost, but I've been wanting to try a wizard for a while. Should be fun and exciting :)

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