Thursday, June 5, 2014

New project

I've started work on my next project, my six Warriors of Dunland with Bows. Not much to report yet, just painted the bases with Stirland Mud and started on the skin. Will hopefully get some more work done this evening, but we shall see. I had painted my warriors with shields and two handers a few years ago, so it will be nice to get these guys done (And interesting to see if the paint job compares better). For our next battle, whenever it is, I'm thinking of using an Angmar army as they have an interesting model I haven't used yet. They are also probably my favorite thematic evil army. Whatever list I eventually come up with, I'm thinking of including some Warriors of Dunland and some Wildmen of Dunland to serve as Men of Carn Dum, and Hillmen of Rhudaur respectively. I remember seeing them proxied that way as far back as the old "The Ruin of Arnor" sourcebook (also one of my favorites). I don't mind orc armies, but these guys could add some fun variety I think, and the cannon specifically mentions men in the army of Angmar from my recollection.


  1. If you ever stumble across more dunlendings with bows or 2hw, let me know!