Monday, February 3, 2014

Dweller in the Dark

So I decided to take the plunge and start work on my Dweller in the Dark model. I got him shortly after they were released but noticed a problem with him. I went with the arm that does not rest on the base and noticed that after I had glued him to his base he had a bad habit of leaning over and nearly doing a faceplant into his base. For some time I wasn't sure how to solve his chronic leaning problem, but I finally settled on stealing the spear from a Warrior of Minas Tirith and using it as kind of a prop. I clipped off the tip of the spear and wedged it under him so it serves as a support, and also looks sort of like it is stuck into him. Perhaps at some point in the past this Dweller ran into a Gondorian warrior and still has a souvenir of the encounter? So far not much to report. I added Stirland Mud to the base and have added a Bestial Brown brush to it as well.

I think the next step will be painting the stonework on the base. After that, I'm still not quite sure how to paint the Dweller himself. I'll just have to see what I come up with I guess.
Well, it didn't go quite as planned, and the only pictures I have now are of the largely finished model. Still not quite sure if I like the paint scheme, but at least it is painted.

The skin is Chaos Black primer with Adeptus Battle Grey highlights. The green "veins" (for lack of a better term) are painted Dark Angels Green, with a thinner stripe of Goblin Green in the middle. The tongue and eyes are also painted this way. The mane is painted Vermin Brown with Snakebite Leather highlights, though it doesn't show up all that well. The claws/talons are painted Tin Bitz, with a Badab Black wash, and the horns on the head are painted Graveyard Earth with Komando Khaki highlights, followed by a Badab Black wash.
In any event, it is nice to have him painted, though I'm still not sold on the paint job :p


  1. Good work. I wonder why it kept leaning over? Surely it was sculpted with the intention of being able to support itself?

    Anyway, what was you not happy about with the paint job?

  2. I'm always willing to believe that I did not do something correctly when assembling him and glueing him to his base, so there is always that possibility ;)
    On the other hand though, probably around or more than 3/4 of his weight is in his torso and upper body, which is leaning over quite a bit. The tail is probably supposed to offset the balance, but just isn't heavy enough. After I had finished putting him together, he was fine for a few days/weeks, but after a while I noticed a pronounced lean that steadily got worse until his extended left arm was literally almost touching the ground. It could be that there isn't enough surface area on the feet to provide enough "stickiness" to hold against the wait, or perhaps I just did not use enough glue. I really like the model, though if I were to get another one I would probably use the other arm option just in case. As for the paint job, it isn't so much that I dislike it, I'm just not sure if it is as good as I envisioned (which, comparing to the pictures on GW's website, might be unrealistic anyway) ;)