Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Gil-Galad, High King of the Elves

Good afternoon, I had the day off work today from school being closed due to the crummy weather we have been having lately and got some painting done. Another of the models I frequently look at and think "Hmmm... I really should paint him some time soon..." I give you a progression of pictures showing the rough process of painting Gil-Galad.

Gil-Galad in his basecoat and the base painted with Stirland Mud.

Now I have painted the face Elf Flesh and added some Bestial Brown to the base. The boots are painted Snakebite Leather and the chainmail has been brushed with Shining Gold.

Gil-Galad now has Burnished Gold on his armor plates, Space Wolves Grey on the inside of his robe(?) and Enchanted Blue on his over-shirt/tunic.

Here he has Ice Blue on the outer surface of his robe and Enchanted Blue on the cloth over his abdomen.

Now the spear shaft has been painted Bleached Bone, and cloth on the shoulders has been painted Regal Blue, and the cloak has been painted Enchanted Blue. Adeptus Battle Grey has also been used to highlight the hair.

The blade of the spear has now been painted Mithril Silver. A hem of Sunburst Yellow has been added to the Ice Blue robe, and Golden Yellow has been used to add a hem to the Enchanted Blue tunic and as a design on the abdomen cloth.

More detailing has been added in this picture. Burnished Gold on the detail of the spear blade and framing the gem on the collar. The gem itself is Hawk Turquoise. More golden Yellow has been added as a hem for the collar and shoulder pieces.The gloves have been painted Snakebite Leather to match the boots.

Below you will find pictures of the finished model. Hope you enjoy, he was fun to paint and quite satisfying to finish :)


  1. Nice job! Gil-Galad is a cool figure and I hope to get one to add to my High Elf army. I noticed you didn't do any shading or blending. I could be mistaken though.

  2. I haven't done any shading, though I have thought of possibly adding an Asurmen Blue wash to the cloth. I liked the effect it had on my Cirdan model, but I was a little concerned it would go to far, but I may still try it later on. Blending, unfortunately, is not something I am really familiar with, or how to do. That's the painting novice in me showing through I guess :P Thank you for your comments :)