Saturday, February 15, 2014


Here are some pictures from my recent work on my Durin model. Had intended to do a full step-by-step work in progress type gallery, but that sort of fell by the wayside. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures :)

Durin with Stirland Mud on the base, Mithril Silver on the mail, and Dwarf Flesh on the skin.

Here, Catachan Green has been added to the cloth.

The beard and hair has been painted Adeptus Battlegrey. Bestial Brown has been added as a highlight to the base.

Golden Yellow has been added to the trim on the cloth, and Chainmail has been painted onto panels of the helmet. In addition, Fortress Grey has been used to highlight the hair and beard.

Dwarf Bronze has been painted onto the helmet bands and the nose and cheek guards.

Now we skip several steps and jump to the largely completed model. I went from painting in the morning and afternoon to the evening, and the light was not very conducive for picture taking where I typically paint.

The cloak was painted Dark Flesh, washed with Badab Black, highlighted with Dark Flesh and a final highlight of Red Gore. The bracer and the metal of the axe have been painted Chainmail, with the decorative parts of the axe painted Burnished Gold. The Axe and Bracer next received a Badab Black wash. The crown on the helm was painted Burnished Gold, and the entire helm received a Badab Black wash. Then, the crown got a Burnished Gold highlight, as I felt it had gotten too dark. The belt and pouch were painted Scorched Brown. The wrapping on the axe handle is Catachan Green, while the bare wood is Charadon Granite.

That is largely the process I used, and on the whole I am pretty happy with it. Hope you enjoy :)

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