Monday, April 23, 2012

New Project

Done with the Army for two weeks (yay for late-in-the-month drills!) I'm thinking of starting on my Easterling Kataphracts next. I've got six of them (the older metal models), and they have been sitting for a while basecoated, but unpainted (like many of my other miniatures). Once they are done, I will have almost all of my prospective Easterling Army painted for the next battle (should I decide to use Easterlings, that is). Not quite sure what color I want to make the horses. The Rohirrim horses I painted were dark brown, the Haradrim horses were white/grey. Not sure if I want to try for a different color (maybe a lighter brown?) or make them a mix. The Easterlings themselves are pretty consistent in their colors, which makes things simpler.

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