Thursday, April 12, 2012

High Elves WiP

Finished painting the cloaks and robes/skirts (for lack of the proper term). Decided to try Mordian Blue rather than Regal Blue, just to see how it would look. Seems fairly similar, though I think Mordian is a slightly lighter blue than Regal. One thing I noticed though, was that kind of like my pot of Mechrite Red, it needs a minute or so of shaking the pot or the color isn't exactly consistant. Finished painting the spear blades and swords Chainmail and started paitning the Burnished Gold on the armor and got two of the spear elves done. Hope to have a few more done this evening, and after that it will be the shields (which should go fairly quick) and the gloves and boots (which should also go fairly quick). After that will be the sashes/belts. Had painted them Ice Blue on my previous High Elves, I might try a different color to help distinguish from my two factions. Not sure what other color I would use yet though.

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