Thursday, May 24, 2018

Grim Hammers & Thorin

Finally actually sat down and painted some more models. Been almost a year, and had to re-hydrate some of my paints...

Being somewhat skeptical of whether I could still paint or not, I decided to finish off my last six Grim Hammers (the first batch being painted way back in 2014).

They followed the standard paint scheme, Boltgun Metal on the armor and pick-hammer heads, Charadon Granite on the weapon hafts, Chainmail on the axe blades and Mithril Silver trim on the cloth. Beards were Codex Grey /w Fortress Grey highlights, Scorched Brown /w Bestial Brown highlights, and Bestial Brown /w Vermin Brown highlights. Finally, the whole model got a wash of Badab Black. Simple models to paint, and a nice re-intro to painting.

And of course, they would need a worthy hero to lead them...

Skin is Dwarf Flesh, Boots are Charadon Granite with Boltgun Metal tips, and Boltgun Metal on the leg and hip armor plates, as well as the belt and sword hilt. The chainmail is, well, Chainmail, as well as the sword blade. The under shirt is Fortress Grey, and the surcoat/overshirt is Mordian Blue. The hair is the black basecoat with Charadon Granite highlights. The Oakenshield is Bestial Brown with Vermin Brown highlights. Finally, the whole model (minus the skin and hair) received a Badab Black wash.

I'm pretty happy with how he turned out :)

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