Saturday, January 3, 2015

The War of the Last Alliance Commences Tomorrow

With our upcoming battle scheduled for tomorrow, I'll lay out the compositions of the two armies. We had settled on a 1000pt Domination game, and I drew up several potential army lists that all sounded like fun. I finally settled on a Last Alliance themed army. Quite on his own, my opponent decided to go with a Mordor based army headed by no less than Sauron himself. Should make for an excellent War of the Last Alliance setting :)

Elendil, High King of Gondor & Arnor /w Shield
5x Warriors of Numenor /w Shields
5x Warriors of Numenor /w Shields & Spears
2x Warriors of Numenor /w Bows

Isildur /w Shield
5x Warriors of Numenor /w Shields
5x Warriors of Numenor /w Shield & Spear
2x Warriors of Numenor /w Bows

Gil-Galad, High King of the Elves /w Shield
4x High Elf Warriors /w Shields
4x High Elf Warriors /w Shield & Spears
4x High Elf Warriors /w Bows

Durin, King of Khazad-Dum
6x Dwarf Warriors /w Shields
2x Dwarf Warriors /w Two-handed Axes
2x Dwarf Warriors /w Dwarf Bows

1000pts, 50 models, 12 Might

The Dark Lord Sauron
12x Black Numenorean Warriors

Dolgulzagar (Black Numenorean Marshal) /w Armoured Horse, Shield & Lance
x11 Morgul Nights
x1 Morgul Knight /w Banner

Kardush, the Firecaller
12x Mordor Uruk-hai /w Orc Bows

1001pts, 39 models, 6 Might

I think the Durin represented in the SBG is generally supposed to be Durin VI, the one who was killed by the Balrog, but I would imagine his equipment/statline would be comparable to the Durin who lived at the time of the WotLA (Durin IV, I seem to recall reading). It should be fun to have all these big name heroes running around the battlefield, and it will be interesting to see if they are able to stand against Sauron's might :)

Now, off to clean the basement...

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