Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Dark Lord Emerges

After a seriously long drought of painting and mini gaming, we are finally looking to get in a battle in the near future :)
The leader of my opponents army is to be none other than the Big Bad Himself, The Dark Lord Sauron. Such an august figure as Sauron could not be expected to march onto the table top in nothing but his base-coat, so some painting was totally in order. And after approximately six months without painting, I am somewhat glad it was a relatively simple painting process.

Painting was pretty straight forward. The base is Stirland Mud dryrushed with Bestial Brown. All of the armor was then painted with Tin Bitz. The plated parts of the armor were brushed with Boltgun Metal, and then all of the armor, minus the chainmail, was washed with Badab Black. The haft of the mace was painted with Tin Bitz, and the metal bindings were painted Boltgun Metal. The flanges of the mace were painted Tin Bitz with a brushing of Boltgun Metal. Again, the entirety of the mace received a Badab Black wash. The cloak was left basecoat black, but some Adeptus Battlegrey highlights were added. Finally, the ring was paitned with Shining Gold.

Hope you enjoy :)

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