Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Moria Goblin Prowlers

Good afternoon everyone, and I apologize for the extreme lateness to my "update". Through various illnesses and other things that managed to occupy my time (not that it takes a lot...oh look! Shiny!) I just haven't put up anything new, or really done much either. In any event, here are my Moria Goblin Prowlers in all their gobliny glory (or at least as much as my camera skills allow).

I also have good news to report that although we were unable to hold our opening battle of the Fall of the Necromancer campaign a few weeks ago, we have re-scheduled it for this weekend, weather and health permitting. Looking forward to it :)


  1. Nice work, I have a bunch of these in 'LOTR backlog' I need to get round to someday...

  2. Thanks :)
    I got these sometime early last fall, wanted to get at least some of them in metal before they turned into finecast :P

  3. Very nice to see these miniatures getting a coat of good paint on them. I'm a stickler for only battling with painted miniatures. I find it more enjoyable. It also means they're more a part of my army in my opinion. Currently re-painting as well as painting a load of miniatures this year. Got a lot to work through.

    1. I like to use painted minis whenever possible, but for certain of my armies it is unavoidable until my (regrettably extensive) backlog get reduced :P Making slow progress on it though :)