Thursday, January 3, 2013

Armies Face Off

The Defenders of Fornost
Arvedui, Last King of Arnor
10x Warriors of Arnor
2x Rangers of Arnor /w Spears

Malbeth the Seer
12x Warriors of Arnor

Formegil, Captain of Arnor
10x Warriors of Arnor
2x Rangers of Arnor /w Spears

Mongo, Captain of the Shire Muster (Peregrin, Knight of Gondor)
8x Hobbit Archers

Adunfaroth (Dunedan) /w Spear

Alagaith (Engineer Captain)
Avenger Bolt Thrower

749pts, 52 models 10 might

The Forces of Evil
Dragon /w Breath Fire, Fly & Tough Hide
12x Moria Goblin Warriors /w Spears

Groblog, King of the Deeps
12x Moria Goblin Warriors /w Shields

Ashrak, the Spider Kin
10x Moria Goblin Warriors /w Shields

Krazgar (Moria Goblin Shaman)
10x Moria Goblin Warriors /w Spears

2x Uruk-hai Demolition Teams /w 2 Flaming Brands

999pts, 55 models, 10 might

The battle actually took place the Sunday prior to Christmas, but I am still working on getting the battle report together. Unfortunately haven't taken the time to paint many of my goblins, so there are going to be lots of pics with black primed goblins running abut, but hopefully I can get that rectified soon. Hope to have the batrep up by early next week. Happy Holidays to everyone :)

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