Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Warriors of Arnor

Hello again, been a little while. Took a slight break from painting/posting, but hopefully have a battle scheduled for next week Friday, so trying to get back into it. Rolled the "Lords of Battle" scenario, and we are planning on 800pt armies, so should be fun. I will be controlling "Good" this time around, so I am thinking of bringing an Arnor army to war for this one. Either way, I started painting some more Warriors of Arnor. Most of my warriors follow the GW green paint scheme, but I had also painted up six in a black and Mithril Silver scheme to represent "Guards of Annuminas" as a fluff theme. The latest six I am working on are supposed to represent soldiers from or descended from men of Cardolan. From what I've been able to find Cardolan means "Red Hill Land" I've started painting the cloth Red Gore. The rest of the model will stay along the lines of my other Arnorians (Boltgun Metal armour with Chainmail trim, Chainmail on the Chainmail, Mithril Silver on the shield emblems, Snakebite Leather spear shafts, etc). They are well on their way, so depending on how things go I am hoping to get them done today or tomorrow, but that remains to be seen.

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