Monday, May 7, 2012

The Stage Has Been Set...

Somewhere near the Eastern eves of Mirkwood, lies a ruin containing an ancient artifact. Is it one of the lost Palantiri of the West? Or perhaps a lesser seeing stone unrecorded by the Wise? Or perhaps is it just a memorial to some long past hero or event? In any case, two armies are converging on the location, desperate to take control. A force of Easterlings and a contingent of Mirkwood and Lothlorien elves will soon clash to determine who controls the field by sundown. The armies have split into smaller groups in their search for the ruin and are now arriving from all directions.

Here are a pair of pics of the battlefield, first looking from North to South, the second looking from South to North. (The borders of the battlefield stylishly provided by Games Workshop).

Mirkwood & Lothlorien vs Easterlings
Scenario: Hold Ground
Points: 500

Legolas /w Armor
10x Wood-elf Warriors /w Bows
Haldir, Defender of Helms Deep
10x Wood-elf Warriors /w Wood Elf Spears
Naethlang (Galadhrim Captain) /w Shield
10x Galadhrim Warriors /w Shields
500pts, 33 Models, 8 Might

Amdur, Lord of Blades
4x Easterling Warriors /w Shields
4x Easterling Warriors /w Shields & Pikes
4x Easterling Warriors /w Bows
Kanwarth (Easterling Captain) /w Shield
2x Easterling Warriors /w Shields
2x Easterling Warriors /w Shields & Pikes
4x Easterling Kataphracts
Borfast (Easterling War Priest)
4x Easterling Warriors /w Shields
4x Easterling Warriors /w Shields & Pikes
4x Easterling Warriors /w Bows
500pts, 35 Models, 6 Might

Battle this afternoon, looking forward to it :) Easterlings have not yet put in an appearence, so I'm anxious to try them out. I will be facing elves again, with quite a few bow shots to worry about. Maybe I'll get lucky and Legolas' warband won't arrive for a few turns. Or not and my warriors will start doing impressions of pin cushions. It's kind of a pity I dragged my feet painting the kataphracts, as almost my entire Easterlign army except for two shield and two pike warriors are painted. This is the first battle we have tried using the new Warband scenarios, so it should be an interesting time :) Should have the completed battle report up sometime tomorrow, I am hoping.

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